New rule! No more LJ cuts!

Hey! I've been thinking, and I think that the rule on required warnings like links for explicit content is pretty dumb. After all, this IS a self proclaimed porn group, anybody who check their friends page that has porn at it at work or school is DUMB and non technology people don't know how to seperate the content. So, there you have it! Let the explicit content run free!

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New Rule

Due to the discussions of some members, LJ cuts are now required on this blog. I just wanna make everybody happy. If somebody can come up with a vilid reason to take out this new rule, then I'll reconsider. Thanks.

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Hey there! I started this fucking community, so I thought I might as well post to it too. Under the cut, you'll find some hot firemen art, old B&W pics and more. Hope you like them! And feedback would be much appreciated.

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I am SO sorry for those 34 people who had to wait for so long for their requests to be checked. My computer was having technical difficulties that stopped me from going online. All but two were added, due to their birthdate not being clearly stated on their profile. So remember, before you try and join, PUT YOUR BIRTHDATE ON YOUR PROFILE! I won't add you if it's not there. If you don't want your birthday out there for everyone to see, that's fine. Just at least put the year that you were born up on display. Thanks! And again, SO sorry for the delay.