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hot_firemen's Journal

HOT Firemen
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I looked all around LiveJournal and found out that there were absolutely no communities for gay firefighter porn. I was disgusted! I love firefighter porn, so I just had to create a community devoted to it. Anything besides child pornography and gory violence is open here, pictures, stories, raunchy material, even ads for new communities. Just anything that turns you on or strikes your fancy. But it has to be firefighter related (obviously). LJ cuts are NOT required. To see how to make LJ cuts if you DO want to use them, click here. You must also be above the age of 18, so I'll have to check your profile out before you can be a part of the community. Remember, clicking on the LJ friends icon doesn't add you, it just puts you on the watch list. To officially join, click here.

Jackson (Maintainer of HOT Firemen)

Questions? Comments? E-mail Jackson at: jackson_yosef@yahoo.ca